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Holmes seems to always be destined as a small town. Described as a “village” or “hamlet” in early days, Holmes was platted in 1895. It was a small trading point on the Rock Island Railroad.

The first business in town was a grain elevator, followed by hardware, harness shop, and blacksmith. By 1914 a restaurant was in town, and a auto garage, and two churches. The Holmes Baptist church celebrated their 100 year anniversary in 2000.

By late 1895, a dance hall was in operation, and a school served as a meeting house for religious revivals. Also late that year a local school teacher was declared insane! July1930 brought a devastating fire to the business section of Holmes.

Like other small towns, Holmes had a weekly report in the Eagle Grove newspaper. It is to Holmes credit that the reports of happenings seemed limited to dinners and family visits.

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