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A library for the town

February, 1877 - the Clarion Library now has 285 books on the shelves. In the 1870’s, libraries were established in the different townships - including Clarion, Luni and Liberty. The Wright County Monitor has published updates about the libraries thru the years. While businesses were among the first to be established, they were followed closely by churches, schools, and libraries.

It may be difficult to imagine, in this day of google, of going to the library to read. Homes may have had a Bible - but often, that was the only book available. The library held wonderous books of ever growing interests. In the late 1800’s, the chance to hold a book, to open it to read about a world that was out of reach to most, was a treat.

Clarion’s library opened to the pubic on April 8, 1908. With 1,200 books on the shelves, the library started on it’s journey. Built with funds provided by Morgan Everts, the library has had several renovations over the years. Mr. Everts was a realtor from Webster City , who owned land in Wright County. The library was built with the agreement it would be the Morgan Everts Library. Unfortunately, Mr. Everts never saw the finished library, as he passed away one month prior to the open house.

At the 41st anniversary of the library, 1,251 people were registered to use the library. In 1955, the library subscribed to seven different newspapers and 75 magazines!

The steps of the library were the site of a dating proposal, from Lyle Lewellyn to Mildred (his future wife), when he requested her to attend a movie.

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