Built as a one room country schoolhouse, this became the birthplace of the four leaf clover 4-H Emblem.

In 1952 it moved from it's country location to Gazebo Park in Clarion.

In late 2017, it moved once again to the Heartland Museum Complex.

We are excited to add this bit of history to our tours.  The school maintains it's original one room school charm, complete with desks. 


4-H School Museum

In addition, there are displays of 4-H thru the years, and a special display of the Iowa State Fair.


Shown here in its new location, surrounded by fields and prairie grass, it truly looks right at home.

Records and memorabilia from 4-H alumni, along with uniforms from the 40's-80's help tell the story.   4-H clubs are in many places in the USA, and provide an excellent learning experience for children.  Whatever your children have a passion for, chances are a 4-H club in your area will help them develop that passion along with the fun of fairs and ribbons!

We are proud to offer the 1971 and 1977 4-H Older Youth Cookbook!  Combined into one book, the recipes are from local families, and is only $20 for over 1,000 recipes!  Available at the gift shop, or by mail for $25.

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